by admin on January 17, 2010

This summer I made the mistake of taking my very generous friends offer to use their power washer to clean my sidewalk and porch. They assured me it was easy to do and the power washer, although it was “older”, worked just fine. After a couple of hours of power washing, I took a short break, and when I started up the machine up again, I “did something wrong” and the pull cord locked up and the power washer wouldn’t work. I couldn’t return a broken machine to my good friends, so I had to take it in to be repaired – and it cost me more than if I had rented one for a day! I couldn’t leave the cleaning project half done, so I called Brad’s Window Cleaning (the advertisment said he did power washing). They came out and finished the job (doing a better job than I had done!) I have learned my lesson… don’t borrow – but better yet – Call Brad’s Window Cleaning!


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