M. Bendall

by admin on July 30, 2012

“I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW” 2012 the first year I decided NOT to wash my windows. I’m getting toooo old :) So? Whom do I contact? I Looked at Angie’s list, but there’s a fee to access it.. I admit selecting a window cleaning service was a crap shoot. Went online and selected Brad. Why? I have no idea. Believe posted testimonials had much to do with my decision. Brad answered my email in a timely manner. Within a few days he came to my house, looked over what he was in for and gave me an estimate which I found VERY reasonable. We set up a window cleaning date. He arrived on time with his team of Oliva and Ben. As his web site reads ” We are fast, professional and courteous”. Bottom line? I’m DONE with washing windows. Gonna leave that job to Brad’s team. I simply can’t stop looking out my CLEAN WINDOWS:)

Grand Rapids

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